We Make Outrageously Good Videos

We are a Michigan video production company based in Grand Rapids focused on event, corporate, and independent productions. Web technique and design are the driving factors behind each one of our creative decisions. Our services include:

  • Writing engaging narratives, fiction or nonfiction
  • Shooting beautiful, inexpensive footage
  • Composing effective music and mastering soundtracks
  • Editing stories together with intentionality and elegance
  • Enhancing aspects of your video and removing unwanted ones
  • Animation, motion graphics, and effects
  • Compression using any scheme
  • Formatting for web delivery, DVD, Blu-Ray and more

If there were one way to describe how media have evolved through the internet, it would focus on the speed at which people access content. Rapid Media embraces this dynamic as a resource rather than a limitation. All too often video productions are complicated by companies sworn to outdated methods or rendered monotonous by an approach that is too streamlined. As an important part of your community you need a message that communicates the crucial aspects of your company in a coherent and lively fashion. The producers must be proficient and versatile with new technologies in order to maximize the cost-efficiency of each project. The net effect shouldn't feel forced or overdone but still needs to resolve quickly enough to intrigue new-media audiences.

Together video and animation are the centerpiece of the web. One 2012 study estimated that YouTube receives as many as four billion full views per day! Such figures certainly draw attention to the growing importance of having an online video presence, but one question still remains: what makes a video worth watching?

We believe the videos people watch are determined by their perception of what is relevant. In order for a video to be successful the sole factor driving its conception and production must be the relevance of its content and style. Rapid Media begins by studying the unique social genre of our partners and their relationship to other networks to determine what is most appropriate for their online presentation. In doing so, we are able to create a specialized and unique product that speaks to the sensibilities of each viewer.